Human Factors

Human Factors

Learning styles test-Verwey

Contact and supervison:prof. dr. ing. Willem Verwey

To be carried out at Green Dino in Wageningen

Driving simulator producer Green Dino has developed a learning style test to estimate how many driving lessons a student needs in order to pass the driving exam. The learning style test is based on the Revised Learning Style Inventory (Manolis et al., 2013). This learning style test was distributed to the customers of Green Dino in March 2014. Apart from this, Green Dino wants to sell their learning style test through the internet. Green Dino wants to get their learning style test evaluated and improved based on the results of the students of their customers. By having the students take the learning style test just before they do their exam, it is possible to gather the information in a short period of time which is needed for the evaluation of the test.