Human Factors

Human Factors

Internship: Embodiment of Wearable Technology-noordzij

A qualitative study into how people incorporate activity trackers into their lives. (opportunity to combine thesis and internship @ Learn Adapt Build)

The study

For almost a year an intervention study has been carried out in which employees of a company received an activity tracker. Over the course of the year these employees have been interviewed repeatedly in order to find out how they incorporate this technology and the information it provides into their lives. The study took inspiration from an earlier qualitative study into the embodiment of prostheses (Murray, 2004). We wondered to what extent wearable technology could be experienced as a “cognitive” prosthesis.


You will receive 10 ECTS after completion of the internship. Have the opportunity to work as a research consultant and be part of the academic team.

You will receive 25 ECTS should you do the masters thesis.

Supervisors & Work Opportunities

Your supervisors for this project will be Dr. Matthijs Noordzij and Elizabeth Nelson, Msc. In addition, you can combine this thesis with an internship at the company Learn Adapt Build, which, amongst other things, advises and does research on what constitutes a healthy workplace.


  • Murray, C. D. (2004). An interpretative phenomenological analysis of the embodiment of artificial limbs. Disability & Rehabilitation, 26(16), 963-973.


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