Human Factors

Human Factors

Design requirements for timing and visualization of wearable biofeedback to support awareness of physiological fluctuations-Noordzij

For this Master thesis you will first do a literature study into the state of the art of wearable biofeedback. In addition, you could work on the SENSE-IT prototype. This is an application that runs on a smartwatch and has been developed at the UT to support its users to get more insight into their own physiology. You could do a design study on what could be the next design iteration of this prototype.

Next to working on this prototype you could also work on the design of visualizing physiological information in end of day reports (see Figure 1 for an example). This type of report could for example be shared between a counselor and a client to discuss how stressful a day was.

Figure 1. An example of a visualization of physiological fluctuations (from Sharmin et al., 2015).

Dr. Matthijs Noordzij will be your first supervisor on this project.


Sharmin et al. (2015). Visualization of Time-Series Sensor Data to Inform the Design of Just-In-Time Adaptive Stress Interventions. UBICOMP '15, SEPTEMBER 7–11, 2015, OSAKA, JAPAN.