Human Factors

Human Factors


Decreasing accidents of young drivers-Verwey

Contact and supervison: prof. dr. ing. Willem Verwey

To be carried out at Green Dino in Wageningen

The number of young drivers getting involved in an accident is relatively high. The driver training at a driving school sadly has little influence on the chance of getting involved in an accident. Stichting Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek Verkeersveiligheid stated that training hazard recognition is a way to decrease the chance of getting involved in an accident. Driving simulator producer Green Dino in Wageningen developed the Hazard Recognition training in 2012 and already provided it to their customers. Green Dino would like to examine whether there have been changes in the performance (behavior) of driving simulator students. The student-results of the introduction of the training have to be compared with the results of the students that followed the training. Next to that, Green Dino has the e-mail addresses of all the students. Through a survey, it can be examined whether the students who have a driving license are less frequently involved in accidents compared to an average student.