Bachelor thesis

Technical Cognition

BTC1 - How to use technology to enhance the quality of life on the campus?

Supervisor: prof.dr. Frank van der Velde

The research will be positioned under the Living Smart Campus program, (Video: The general idea of this project is “how to use technology to enhance the quality of life on the campus?”. One type of campus activities that deserves our attention is collaboration, more specifically decision-making meetings. The research is aimed to study collaborative decision-making (CDM) meetings. Several research topics can be explored, as, for example:

  • How do human factors influence a CDM process? The collaborative decision-making in a group is a complicated process; social dynamics of the group can have an important influence on the decision-making. Some important factors that worth looking into are emotions, facial expressions, speech properties, and gestures.
  • How to detect and treat conflicts in collaborative decision-making? One of the important research issues of CDM is the conflicts between participants. Conflicts arise for different reasons when making a decision, and they can usually be resolved by negotiation. It is important to look into the nature of conflicts in order to better resolve them.
  • How to extract problem-solving methods from CDM? CDM is a knowledge intensive process, it usually begins with a problem, and ends with a solution for that problem as a decision. How do people collaboratively solve problem is precious knowledge.
  • From a cognitive point if view, humans would have ideas, or conceptual notions, about a Living Smart Campus (LSC) environment or about a collaborative decision-making. How can these conceptual notions (or concepts, for short) be identified and how do they influence thinking about the LSC? A first step to investigate the last question is to study how these concepts are related to each other.