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Dr. Matthijs Noordzij


  • Coordinator of the 1st year psychology module on Cognition and Development.
  • Main teacher in the 2nd year module Human Factors and Engineering Psychology teaching the fundamentals of Engineering Psychology and data analysis techniques in Python.
  • Cognitive Ergonomics in the Industrial Design 2nd year module on Designing for a Specific User Group.
  • Supervisor of around 10-20 Bachelor and Master students per year during their thesis work.
  • Guest lectures on applied psychophysiology and wearable technology.


I research and design (applications of) wearable bio-sensor technology in care and other professional contexts. I work on the following research lines:

  1. I conduct research into the reliability and validity of new wearable bio-sensor technology. To what extent are physiological measurements from wearables comparable to State-of-the-Art physiological measurements in the lab? In addition, I examine which physiological parameters could be useful and supportive in real-time tracking of cognitive (workload) or affective (arousal) processes.
  2. I also study physiological processes “in the wild”. The question here is to what extent real-time information from the body can have an added value to existing behavioral and self-report measures. An important part of this is to determine to what extent physiological profiles differ between individual people, and whether knowledge of these profiles can help to advice or even intervene more effectively in the professional context.
  3. Finally I do design research in which I examine how information, advice or interventions on the basis of real-time physiological parameters should be designed to reduce risks, inefficiency and suffering in patients and professionals. To this end I employ Human Factors and User Design/ Experience methods such as cognitive task analyses and rapid prototyping.

These research lines form the core of my work with our Bachelor, Master, and PhD students. At present I’m co-promotor on three PhD projects:

Curriculum Vitae



Gymnasium, Apeldoorn.


Propaedeutic Econometrics, Tilburg University.


Propaedeutic Psychology, Tilburg University, cum laude.


Master Psycholoy, Tilburg University. Cognitive/ Experimental Psychology

-Traineeship fMRI/ research at Yang Ming University, Taipei, Taiwan (2000)

-Thesis: configural processes in face recognition


PhD, Utrecht University, cum laude. Thesis: Communicating spatial information from verbal descriptions.

Work experience + projects:


Post-doc researcher at the F.C. Donders Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging (Radboud University Nijmegen). This appointment was part of the integrated European project “Joint Action Science and Technology.


Assistant Professor in Psychology, Department of Cognitive Psychology and Ergonomics, University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands


Other publications

  • Noordzij, M.L. (2014, 28 May). Using cognitive psychology to design good technology. Masterclass at the People’s Business event (University of Twente, The Netherlands). http://www.peoplesbusinesstwente.nl/