Webinar: "Compassievolle technologie kun je leren"

It is not surprising that many Psychology students don't immediately think about technology when they imagine their possible future job. However, in a changing workfield, it can be of added value to experience how technology can support treatment in various ways, now and in the future. In the Compassionate Technology course, we invite Master Psychology students to approach technology from the perspective of compassion. When and how can technology contribute to this? On October 13th 2022, Charlotte van Lotringen gave a webinar (in Dutch) for Thubble on the Compassionate Technology course and the rationale behind it. Here you can watch it back. 

Previously, Matthijs Noordzij gave a webinar from Thubble about our project (in Dutch). You can watch it back here!

NWO Transitions and Behavior Conference

On October 4th 2022, NWO organized a conference on the research program 'Transitions and Behavior'. This research program focuses on interdisciplinary research into behavior and behavioral change, to enable and accelerate transitions in mobility, climate change, healthcare and sustainable energy. This also includes the Compassionate Technology project. Below you can watch a video about the Compassionate Technology project that was created for the conference. 

Student project: The Balancial

Check out our "Design approach" page for an update on a student project that recently took place. Supervised by Benedetta Lusi during the Multisensory Design course, a group of students designed the Balancial. This innovative device can be used in therapy to evaluate and reflect on thoughts. 

Webinar: "Zorginnovatie door een compassievolle bril"

On March 8 2022, Matthijs Noordzij and Geke Ludden were invited by VRelax to give a webinar on the design and implementation of healthcare innovations together with Catheleine van Driel. They spoke about putting compassion first in the design and use of technology, patient engagement and behaviour change, and the implementation of VRelax. VRelax is a virtual reality application to help people relax and to reduce stress in interactive nature environments. 

Watch this webinar back here (in Dutch).