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Nyemera, B.W. (Winnie) MSc

Winnie Nyemera (2012)_kleinResearcher

Presence: Every day
Building: Cubicus, room C 220
Telephone: +31 (0)53 – 489 3007; +31 (0)53 – 489 3299 (secretary)


  • Cartographic work (Mapping)
  • Geo-information management
  • Building of geographical database management systems
  • Field data collection through surveys, interviews and questionnaires


  • Geo-information management
  • Urban Planning
  • Cartography
  • Census Cartography

Research Project

Currently am looking forward in completing a project on assessing the use of Geographical Information System (GIS) in decision making in Uganda. The aim of the project is to determine whether there is really some effective impacts that GIS has contributed in decision making since its adaption/implemetation in organizations in Uganda especially in health sector (public health). Strageties will be developed to encourage other organizations who have not adapted GIS for decision making to implement it.


  • Uganda Geo-information Team Group.
  • Uganda Physical Planners’ Association (UPPA).
  • Makerere University Physical Planners Association (MUPPA).
  • ITC, Alumni Association, Uganda.
  • GIM International


  • de Vries, W. T., & Nyemera, B. W. (2010). Double or nothing: is redundancy of spatial data a burden or a need in the public sector of Uganda.
  • Nyemera, B.W. (2008). Evaluation of redundancy in the geo-information community in Uganda - Enschede, ITC, 2008 - The Netherlands