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Jansma, S.R. (Sikke)


Availability: Mo./Tu./We./Thu./Fri.
Office: Cubicus, room C 212
Telephone: +31 53 - 489 6564 / +31 53 – 489 3299 (secretary)


Dutch profile


  • Legitimation of technological innovations
  • Technological Innovation System Theory
  • Public Affairs
  • Public Relations
  • Academic and professional skills


  • Academic and professional skills
    • Academic writing (module 1, 2)
    • Project management (module 1, 4)
    • Presenting (module 1, 3, 4)
    • Media representation (module 2)
  • Module 5: facilitating technological change
  • Public Affairs
  • Supervisor Bachelor thesis 


In his PhD-project Sikke Jansma studies the legitimation of technological innovations. The development and implementation of technological innovations often leads to resistance from actors with interests in the incumbent system. Sikke studies how the legitimation of these innovations can be enhanced through public relations and public affairs strategies. He focuses on legitimation within the public domain, focusing on the government and the general public, as these are two pivotal stakeholder groups. The PhD-project exists of four studies:

  1. Strategies of legitimation: interviews with founders of technological start-ups to analyze the strategies they use in order to gain legitimation for their product or idea;
  2. General public: media-analysis to study the way the public opinion towards a technological innovation evolves;
  3. Policymakers: interviews with public officials who are involved in the policymaking of (technological) innovations to study their motives and influential factors behind their decision making;
  4. Public affairs: Delphi-study with public affairs professionals to study strategies that can be used to advance the legitimation of innovation with policymakers.


Jansma, S.R., Gosselt, J.F., & de Jong, M.D.T. (2017). Technological start-ups in the innovation system: An actor-oriented perspective. Technology Analysis & Strategic Management, online first. [ISI]