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Cornelissen, P. (Pieter) MSc

picture of Pieter Cornelissen

PhD candidate

Presence: Mo. / Tu. / Th. / Fr.
Building: Cubicus, room C 207
Telephone: +31 (0)6 282 56 335, +31 (0)53 – 489 3299 (secretary)

Dutch profile


  • Behavioural change
  • Occupational safety


  • Research Project for Pre-masters
  • Supervisor Bachelor thesis
  • Supervisor Master thesis


During his doctoral research, Pieter Cornelissen studies compliance in the field of occupational safety. Numbers by Statistics Netherlands show that the number of occupational accidents has remained virtually unchanged between 2005 and 2012, corresponding with statistics from other countries. At the moment much is unclear about the factors underlying employee behaviors related to safety, and how these factors relate to each other. This doctoral research contributes to both theory and practice by studying the elements that are central to the realization of (safe) behavior as well as the measurability of safety.


  • Promotor: Prof. dr. M.D.T. de Jong
  • Assistant promotor: Dr. J.J. van Hoof

Scientific publications

Cornelissen, P. A., Van Hoof, J. J., & De Jong, M. D. T. (2017). Determinants of safety outcomes and performance: A systematic literature review of research in four high-risk industries. Journal of Safety Research, in press. [ISI]

Cornelissen, P. A., Van Hoof, J. J., & Van Vuuren, M. (2014). Enabling Employees to Work Safely: The Influence of Motivation and Ability in the Design of Safety Instructions. Technical Communication, 61 (4), 232 – 244. [ISI]

Specialist publications

Cornelissen, P. (2016). Don’t shoot the messenger: Hoe benaderen we meldingsgedrag ten aanzien van veiligheid? Veiligheidsnieuws, 48(2),11-13. 

Cornelissen, P. (2015). Hebben we ongelukken nodig om gemotiveerd te worden veilig te werken? Veiligheidsnieuws, 47(3), 7-9.