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Barth, S. (Susanne) MSc

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Lecturer and PhD candidate

Availability and office: Mo . / Tu. - Cubicus, room C 212; We. / Thu. / Fr. Zilverling, roomZ4039
Telephone: +31 53 – 489 2997; +31 53 – 489 3299 (secretary CS); +31 53 – 489 3776 (secretary EWI)

Dutch profile


  • Trust and credibility in organizations, among individuals and online (special focus on cyber security)
  • Human factors
  • Intercultural communication (special focus on the differences between Germany and The Netherlands)
  • Social Network Analysis Survey
  • Usability testing
  • In-depth interviews
  • Experimental design


  • Coordinator Module 3 (TOM/B1)
  • Tutor BSc
  • Supervisor BSc and pre- and master assignments
  • Research methods


Susanne has expertise in corporate publishing and public relations. She obtained her master’s degree in Communication Science with specialization on marketing and a second master’s degree in Psychology with specialization on human factors and media psychology at the University of Twente. Before working as a tutor at the University of Twente, Susanne has worked several years at a correspondence office in Milan (Italy). Further, she was working as an editor-in-chief for a corporate publishing magazine in Munich (Germany).

From 2013 on, Susanne has been working as a lecturer at the department of Communication Science, CS-CMC. On September 2015, she started with her PhD-project (SERIOUS project). The project is a collaboration between the EWI faculty, Services, Cyber Security and Safety group and the BMS faculty, CS-CMC.


Participation at the Jodocus-Hermann-Nünning-Preis 2013

Scientific publications and presentations


Barth, S., Schraagen, J. M., & Schmettow, M. (2015). Network measures for characterising team adaptation processes. Ergonomics, 58(8), 1287-1302. Doi: 10.1080/00140139.2015.1009951 [ISI]

Jansen, M. G. M., Jansma, S. R., Barth, S., & de Jong, M. D. T. (2015). Push or match? Een vergelijking van informatiebehoefte van burgers en aangeboden informatie van partijen en media. Antwerp, Etmaal van de Communicatiewetenschap 2015.


Barth, S., Van Hoof, J. J., & Beldad, A. (2014). Reading between the lines: A comparison of 480 German and Dutch obituaries. Omega - Journal of Death and Dying, 68(2), 161-181. [ISI]