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NWO-TTW subsidy Job van der Palen 

MDR-Phage - Small molecules that promote bacterial killing in phagocytes

The MDR-Phage project aims to evaluate the effects of a novel class of molecules for the treatment of multi-drug resistant (MDR) bacteria. Preliminary results suggest high potential benefit of the new treatments against challenging infections. This new compounds encourage host defence mechanisms against infection, overcoming major pathogens mechanisms of evading the immune system while avoiding antibiotic resistance. Within this project, studies will be conducted at the University of Twente and University of Amsterdam. The new molecules will be tested against clinically relevant MDR bacteria obtained from patients and using patient immune cells. Moreover, the test compounds will as well be tested in relevant in vivo models. The project research will enable identification of a candidate molecule and define the optimal target indication and patient population. Following the project, the development of the successful treatment will continue. The final goal is to bring solutions to the clinic.