Dr. Tsjalle van der Burg

Assistant professor of Economics
Room: RA-2416


Dr. Tsjalle van der Burg teaches economics at the University of Twente. Previously, he has worked for the University of Groningen, the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Van der Burg holds a M.A. in Social Geography from the University of Utrecht and a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Groningen.


Presently, Van der Burg is doing research on corporate governance and sports economics. Earlier, he has published in the fields of project appraisal, macroeconomics and international environmental economics among other things. He has participated in research projects of UNEP and OECD. 


  • Van der  Burg, T (1996) Project Appraisal and Macroeconomic Policy, with a foreword by K.F. Wallis (former co-editor of Econometrica). Dordrecht, Kluwer Academic Publishers.
  • Van der Burg, T., W.A. Dolfsma and C.P.M. Wilderom (2004)  Raising Private-Investment Funds for Museums. International Journal of Arts Management, 6 (3), 50-59.
  • Van der Burg, T.,  and A. Prinz (2005) Progressive taxation as a means to improve competitive balance. Scottish Journal of Political Economy, 52 (1), 65-74.
  • Van der Burg, T.,  and A. Prinz (2006) Empowering small shareholders: a comparison of three instruments. Corporate Governance. An International Review, 14 (5), 406-17
  • Van der Burg, T.,  and A. Prinz (2010) Empowering firm owners by separating voting from buying and selling shares. Review of Social Economy, 68 (1), 69-91.
  • Prinz, A. and T. van der Burg (2013) Public bads and private firms: efficiency and sustainability with different allocations of voting rights.European Journal of Law and Economics 36(3): 423-445.

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  • Van der Burg, T. (2015) Laat de ambiance van de Kuip Oranje helpen. De Volkskrant, 8 september.
  • Van der Burg, T. (2016) Voetbalzaken. Hoe de markt het spel kapotmaakt (met een voorwoord door Arjo Klamer). Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press.
  • Van der Burg, T. (2018) Het Maasstadion van Feyenoord. Feyenoord City en de gevolgen voor voetbalclub Feyenoord. Rotterdam: FSV De Feijenoorder.
  • Van der Burg, T. (2018) Voetbalclub Feyenoord voert wanbeleid van ongekende omvang. Het Financieele Dagblad, 16 augustus. 

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  • Major Changes in Society BSc Honours Track – lecturer.
  • Institutions and Decision-Making Processes BSc Honours Track – lecturer