Redesigning policy instruments for Dutch higher education on behalf of NRO

On behalf of theĀ NRO, the Netherlands Initiative for Education Research, CHEPS will assess the policy instruments used by the Dutch ministry of Education to steer Dutch higher education. The overall question is whether the current instruments still fit their purpose or whether a redesign of instruments should be considered. To address this question, our study focuses on 1) the way in which information from various sources (e.g. from science, HE institutions, stakeholders, other public sectors, policy evaluations) is used in policy design and implementation and 2) the fit between the steering philosophy and the policy instruments.

The research project will be carried out in the period from February to November 2019. Together with a study on the effectiveness of policy instruments in higher education, conducted by SEO Amsterdam Economics, the outcomes of the CHEPS research project will form the input for the new national strategic agenda for higher education, to be published in autumn of this year.

The CHEPS project is carried out by Renze Kolster, Don Westerheijden and Harry de Boer. For further information, please contact Harry de Boer.