Current PhD projects

Franziska Eckardt

Citizen Knowledge integration in decision-making processes of sustainable urban governance

The aim of this PhD project is to investigate factors that determine a higher/lower level of citizen knowledge integration in decision-making processes of sustainable urban governance? Funded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), this doctoral thesis is part of an international collaborative research project called Knowledge Matters (September 2016 to August 2019, project leader Paul Benneworth), involving two research teams located at the Dutch University of Twente (CHEPS) and the British University of Sheffield (Sheffield Method Institute). The PhD research draws on theoretical perspectives derived from four literatures: [1] social studies of science and technology, [2] third wave governance studies, [3] alternative sustainable urbanism studies, and [4] innovation and transition studies. Qualitative data are collected through semi-structured interviews.

Promotor: Prof. dr. Marcel Boogers - (Department of Public Administration - University of Twente)

Supervisor: Paul Benneworth - (CHEPS - University of Twente)

More information and readings:

Benneworth, Paul and Eckardt, Franziska and Velderman, Willem-Jan (2017) Burgerkennis als hulpbron voor stedelijke ontwikkeling. Geografie, 2017 (3). 38 - 41. ISSN 0926-3837

Benneworth, Paul and Velderman, Willem-Jan (2016) Accounting for smart citizen knowledge in controversial decision-making processes: a case of waste oil water injection in North East Twente, the Netherlands. Regions, 301 (1). 6 - 9. ISSN 1367-3882

Benneworth, Paul and Velderman, Willem-Jan (2016) Fight against fracking in rural Netherlands: from community meetings to decision-making. Progressive planning, 2016 (207). 25 - 27. ISSN 1559-9736