Citizen Knowledge integration in local decision-making processes of sustainable urban governance

The aim of my PhD research is to investigate the possible effects of deliberative mini-publics on local decision-making processes. To do so, my dissertation focuses on a new integrative form of mini-public, the G1000. For the purpose of this research, three G1000 initiatives in the Dutch Province of Overijssel are investigated to explore the impact of integrative mini-publics on local policy-making. A mixed method is used to collect data. Data are collected through semi-structured interviews and three waves of surveys.

Promotor: Prof. dr. Marcel Boogers - (Department of Public Administration - University of Twente)
Supervisor: Dr. Henk van der Kolk - (Department of Research Methodology, Measurement and Data Analysis)
Supervisor: Dr. Don Westerheijden - (Center for Higher Education Policy Studies)