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The MX3D bridge is a living laboratory with an assortment of live (always running) sensors. The table below lists the sensors currently installed and running on the bridge.

Accelerometers11Activity on the bridge causes it to vibrate. These vibrations are measured by the accelerometers.
Cameras2Record where people are positioned on the bridge. Everyone is skeletonized to anonymize the data. Only a select amount of people will have access to the raw data.
Displacement Sensors4Detect the amount of displacement at specific locations. Show the change in length of the bridge due to temperature difference.
Inclinometers9Measure the rotations on the bridge caused by loads that are on it and changes in temperature.
Load Cells4Measure the weight on the bridge. From this, the balance point of the bridge can be calculated.
Microphones4Measure average decibel level across 16 frequencies every half second to determine types of loudness. Do not record recognizable human speech.
Strain Gauges48Measure the deformation of the bridge on specific locations created by loads that are on it. These sensors can help pinpoint the location of loads (such as people) on the bridge.
Thermistors16The sensors in the curls of the bridge measure the temperature of the surrounding area. The other thermistors measure the temperature in the chambers under the bridge