the mx3d bridge begins as a living laboratory at the university of twente

Currently, the MX3D bridge is settled on the University of Twente campus and is actively collecting data. The bridge is open for the public to interact with and cross.

Please be aware by crossing the bridge you are consenting for your anonymous data to be used for research. (For a list of active sensors click here.)

On this site you can learn about who is conducting research on the bridge, why the data is being collected, and what happens to the bridge data. To learn more about the bridge in general click here (note this link goes to MX3D website).

Who is involved?

Partners include the UT Civil Engineering Department, the Alan Turing Institute, Autodesk, and BRIDE.

Why have a living lab?

The MX3D bridge is made from 3D printed stainless steel and therefore is the first of its kind. This marked an opportunity to see how a unique structure behaves in varying circumstances. Data from the bridge is used by researchers to study bridge mechanics and usage. Elements of this research include thermal response, quality assurance, data fusion, digital twins, crowd structure response, and pedestrian behavior modeling from sensors. Research is focused on how the bridge is used not on who is using the bridge. For that reason data that could be traced back to the individual is anonymized and not included in data fusion research. Instead, anonymous skeletal models are used for behavioral modeling research.

What happens to the data?

Raw data is first stored in a local server. From that point, all anonymous data is uploaded to a secure Autodesk AWS server. This data is available to the research group and will be stored indefinetly. All raw camera data stays on the local servers and is used to make skeletal models that label pedestrian actions occuring on the bridge. Only a select group of researchers have access to the raw camera data. This raw camers data is saved maximum for three months before permanent deletion.

Camera data post "skeletalization"