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In the Bachelor Thesis conference students show their acquisition of competences as mentioned in the intended learning outcomes of the BSc-programme in International Business Administration.

To finish their BSc Programme students first write a research proposal and subsequently execute the proposed research and write their bachelor thesis in the format of a research paper.

Students need to have successfully passed the obligatory units of education of the IBA programme before the start of the bachelor thesis research. Those studying nominally start in April (4th quartile) with their research, other students have the option to start in September.

The research proposal has to be delivered in the module CHANGEL in the 3rd quartile of the 3rd year of the BSc IBA preceding the research.

The Bachelor Thesis course enables students to explore a topic of interest in detail and to demonstrate gaining in-depth knowledge and competences as mentioned in the intended learning outcomes of the BSc IBA programme.

Types of assignments for the bachelor thesis

The Bachelor Thesis course is a research-oriented assignment, with justified choices towards theoretical, empirical, or design contribution to existing knowledge within the International Business Administration field of inquiry.

Whatever placement the student chooses (together with supervisors), the Thesis assignment should contribute to running research projects within the International Business Administration field of inquiry at the University of Twente.

The thesis project can be conducted in either:

  • The University of Twente (so-called “internal assignment”); in case of an empirical research, students will visit organizations as an outside observer.
  • A company (so-called “external assignment”); students will conduct research from within a company, with a focus on participative research.
  • A foreign university (so-called “international assignment”); students may choose to participate in international research, with a focus on international management aspects within a specific knowledge domain.

P.S.! As oriented towards knowledge development, the thesis cannot be treated as a confidential document. In case of sensitive empirical data, it is the students' responsibility to ensure the anonymity of the data, analysis and results. It is also the students' responsibility to reach a consensus with the hosting organization on a public version of the thesis. This particularly applies to external assignments.