See IBA Bachelor Thesis Conference

Preparation, points of attention, practical aspects and invitation

Preparation and deadline on how to finalize and deliver your thesis:

  • Deadline for delivery your version of the thesis to your supervisor is 19 June 2018 (supervisor is allowed to agree on another deadline, but green light needs to be available on 26 June 2018). It is important that you have a clear agreement with your supervisor about the version to be published as your final BSc thesis.
  • Some supervisors can ask you to upload the final version of your thesis to Blackboard. We do expect the pre-final versions to be in Blackboard in order to check them with Ephorus.
  • You need to upload your thesis to the UT repository ( It needs to be the version that will be graded by your supervisors.
  • According to the planning, you have to upload the final version of your thesis on 3 July 2018 to UT repository, the deadline is set on 17:00 PM.
  • You also have to send the last version of your thesis to this e-mail
  • UT policy is that your thesis will be accessible for everyone. If there is a reason to have restricted publication, approval of the examination board is necessary for the decision about a confidential status of a thesis. The UT library will take care of it and also will inform the programme and examination board.
  • Only after your final version is uploaded, before 3 July 2018, your BSc thesis project can be finished and a diploma can be given!
  • Your thesis needs to be available on the website of the conference on 10 July 2018 

Presentation of Theses on 10 July 2018

  • You are expected to present your thesis in English.
  • The UT house style is the standard in powerpoint presentations.
  • As a student, you are responsible to upload your presentation on the desktop of the computer in the room where you will present your thesis before the session starts (preferably 30 minutes beforehand)!
  • Be aware that if you use special features in your presentation you check them.
  • Each presentation, in total, is planned for 20 minutes including discussion.
  • We prefer you to present in 10 minutes such that 10 minutes discussion is left. At least 5 minutes need to be available for discussion.
  • You and your guests are expected to participate the whole session. Students and their guest are kindly asked to participate in the discussions after presentations.

 Invite family and friends for the graduation Ceremony

  • We offer this ceremony also to students who present their thesis on 10 July, but do not graduate yet, because they have to finish one or more courses. We would like these students and their guest to join us. They will receive a certificate instead of a diploma, so they are also part of the signing ceremony.
  • It would be nice if you invite family and friends for 10 July 2018. They are welcome the whole day (see programme). No invitations will be sent by the University. Please fill in the registration form to register your family and friends. During the day there will be coffee and tea breaks. Lunch should be arranged by you and your guests yourself. To celebrate the good results together we offer you and your guests drinks and snacks after the graduation ceremony. The final schedule will be published on the conference site and Blackboard site on 4 July 2018 the latest.
  • Before the ceremony starts, all guests are asked to enter room [WA1] to find a seat. All students who defended their thesis have to wait outside, because they enter the room together. 
  • During the ceremony, pictures will be taken by a professional photographer. The picture will be taken when you receive your diploma/certificate. However, during the sessions, your guests are welcome to take pictures of you, so tell them to bring their camera!

Practical information

If you travel by car you can park at P1 and P2. A map of the campus can be found here. You are welcome in building Waaier. Please be aware there is a parking policy at the Campus!