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Application form 7 July 2020

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Please fill in this form before Saturday 27 June 2020!!!

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Conference and Ceremony Attendance

Do you plan to come to the Graduation Ceremony? For those students who have not finished their IBA BSc yet, you are also invited together with your guests.

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How many guest will join your presentation ceremony with you?

How many guest will join the graduation ceremony (max. 4) with you?

Best experiences in time of studying IBA

We like to know what good memories you take with you from the time you were an IBA BSc student. Describe the experience you had in the time of your IBA BSc study. We would like to use part of the responses in the ceremony on 9 July 2019


What are your plans after your graduation from IBA BSc?

Home Address

What is your home address after graduation?
If you appreciate we will send you a group photo of all graduates. The alumni office will send this photo to you as a nice moment of this event!

We are taking pictures during this conference. If you do not agree, please let us or the photographer know!