Activities 2019-2020

Activities 2019/2020

August 2019. Almost a year since Amygdala changed directions. Amygdala wants to be actively involved in the careers of both students and (future) alumni. Like the Amygdala is generally involved in experiencing, processing and controlling emotions, the alumni association wants to create experiences, help you out with processing the wide range of variables to incorporate as a student and stimulate you to take control of your career (for both students and alumni). We believe that Amygdala made some good progress over the academical year of 2018-2019 and hope to continue this in the upcoming year(s).

Therefore, we are proud to hereby reflect and evaluate on 2018-2019 and showcase the activities you joined or missed. In addition, we look forward to 2019-2020 with several interesting activities.

Amygdala was founded in 2008 by a couple of Psychology students. There was not an alumni association yet and the students wanted a way to keep in touch, professionally and recreational. Most students and alumni then knew Amygdala from LinkedIn workshops and/or the small gift, letter and/or email they received at the end of your studies. With the start of 2018-2019 we had the ambition and hope to revitalize this in the following years.

Reflection on 2018-2019

In September 2018, we started publishing the ‘Humans of New York’ inspired series ‘Alumni of Psychology’ in which we showcase several alumni’s studies and career moves. We are proud that we found 20 alumni who volunteered to join the series. We were able to showcase alumni with PhD’s, alumni with psychology bachelors and –masters, alumni who started working after the bachelor, alumni with two masters (with examples like Business Administration, Educational, Science & Technology and Health Sciences) and alumni who finished their master at other universities (such as the Radboud University). The result is an amazing variety of successful careers, which gives good insight in the students’ opportunities in the field after graduation. We are thankful for the cooperation of all the alumni who joined the series.

From September 2018 until now, every Psychology master student that graduated at the UT got a profound, brain-cracking, stress relieving gift. This gift shows our logo and helps to take control of all the graduation stress and find some relaxation during the difficult time of finding a job. We heard several enthusiastic responses on this gift. In the next academic year, we are able to keep on providing this gift at the psychology master graduations.

In February 2019, Amygdala joined the Psychology Career Week which was organized by Dimensie and SPS-NIP in collaboration with Amygdala. Two of the alumni, whom were also presented in the Alumni of Psychology series, gave lectures. Carolien Balvers showcased her work at Roessingh Arbeid and Amygdala’s board member Ronald Roskam thoroughly discussed psychotraumatology.

In June 2019, Amygdala collaborated with the LEXSY committee of Dimensie to organize a pub lecture in the city center of Enschede. Here dr. Peter de Vries talked about the way VR improves our safety in society.

We also revitalized the LinkedIn page by actively posting interesting messages. Most of them were about the alumni series though. Some other employers added a few job opportunities. We welcomed several new members into the group. Keep in mind that we post some job opportunities, but none that are easily found elsewhere (like the job opportunities on

To conclude this reflection, we would like to thank everyone who has been involved and provided support during the year.  

Looking Forward to 2019-2020

We are proud to inform you that we are going to continue our ‘Alumni of Psychology’-series. Season 1 has finished at the beginning of July 2019. Season 2 will start in September 2019. We are currently looking into ways to make the profiles even more interesting. Feel free to send your suggestions to You can also send a message if you want to join and showcase your career and employer.  

We will continue to revitalize our LinkedIn page. This means, not only the ‘Alumni of Psychology’, but also interesting facts about the UT, more job opportunities and we try to promote more events (our own, but also with a broader scope).

As you may have noticed, Amygdala organized a special lecture in May 2019. Headlines were psychology alumni Lonneke Lenferink and Liza Cornet. The special lecture was unfortunately cancelled because of the nationwide rail services strike on the 28th of May 2019. Lonneke and Liza will fortunately come the University of Twente in the start of the academic year 2019-2020. Keep an eye on LinkedIn for the date.

To keep up and increase the pace, Amygdala can use some help. Therefore we are looking for a new boardmember. Board members are preferably alumni already or are almost graduating. Being a board member takes little of your time, but definitely is rewarding. Please let us know ( if you are interested in joining our awesome board.

Amygdala aims to visit a congress in the upcoming year. We plan to give some entrance tickets away.

Get in touch!

The amygdala is part of a wider (brain)network and collaborates with the several other structures. Like the amygdala, the alumni association likes to be part of a wider network. For the amygdala to be functional growth is needed, which takes time. While the alumni association is actively seeking collaboration ideas, initiatives or opportunities for our members are very, very welcome. If you know anyone who likes to give a lecture, wants to network, or wants to join our series of ‘Alumni of Psychology’, you are very welcome to get in touch.

Kind regards, the current board

Anouk den Besten, Junior Researcher & Lecturer at University of Twente

Ronald Roskam, Mental Health Psychologist (GZ-Psycholoog) at Pro Persona and Indigo MHI.

Peter Slijkhuis, PhD candidate & Educational Coordinator BMS Lab at University of Twente

Check out the Amygdala LinkedIn page for upcoming activities!