4.1 Final project: Master thesis

Master thesis organization

The master thesis is the final assignment of the programme. The work is stretched over three quartiles: a preparation stage (Q2) when students follow the course Academic Research, an incubation stage (Q3) when students do course work, and a thesis work and defence stage (Q4).

Master thesis assessment

In all stages, students are supervised by two examiners. At least one of the supervisors is drawn from the Section of Public Administration. If students do an applied study for a host organization, they also have an external supervisor from that organization - that external supervisor plays no role in the assessment of the thesis. The first supervisor de facto supervises the thesis and is an expert on the subject. The second supervisor plays a highly limited role in the supervision. The main task of the second supervisor is that of a second assessor, as an outsider's check on the assessment, who assesses the thesis quality independently from the first supervisor. In the Academic Research course the research proposal for the master thesis is assessed by an independent lecturer.

Assessments of the thesis preparation and thesis work are both formative and summative: