3.2 Assessment at Course level

Core lecturers of the courses are responsible for the course design, course assessment system, and course improvements. All core lecturers are examiners as approved by the examination board. Course design includes learning objectives that link assessments to intended learning outcomes at the programme level. For each course, a test plan specifies the number and type of tests, as well as their weight in the course grade. The course test plan specifies deadlines and the distribution of tests. The course test plan specifies how different tests combine into a grade. Through evaluations, students provide input on assessment.

Assessment transparency, validity and reliability are central to the assessment policy of University of Twente and screened by the examination board. On the course level, the four eyes principle and the external review principle in grading are generally applied. The validity of assessments is addressed by the core lecturer in close consultation with the examiners and with support from colleagues of the Centre for Expertise in Learning and Teaching (CELT) and the BMS Teaching Academy.

Students are informed about the test plan, objectives, and other module requirements via Osiris (the student information system) and in the course manual on Canvas (the electronic learning environment). Students are offered representative, preparatory assignments and feedback to prepare well for the assessments. The results of tests and examinations are announced to students according to the rules laid down in the EER. Students are offered feedback and inspection rights.

Examiners produce test schemes and answer models. Some examiners use inter-collegial consultation to increase reliability. Exams, model answers, and criteria are defined in advance of the assessment. Exams are sent to the Examination Bureau of University of Twente for reproduction and preparation for special needs students. Before, during, or after an assessment, should a student encounter problems, both informal and formal support options are available in such situations: