2.7 Teaching staff characteristics

Over the past four years, the programme has experienced staffing changes, largely dictated by policy and investments. We are thrilled that since 2020, many new and diverse staff members joined the programme and the sections that provide teaching faculty. Some staff retired, and other staff members moved to other universities. The new staff brought in new expertise needed for the programme, particularly in regard to technology, societal transitions, and the Global South. The personnel policy addressed the recommendations of the previous accreditation report. It is now important to take steps to effectively integrate this new expertise into the programme. 

The teaching staff in the PA programme are required by university policy to demonstrate a C1 or C2 level of proficiency, as defined by the proficiency descriptors in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). All teaching staff have, where necessary, successfully passed the UT English Proficiency Assessment undertaken by specialised staff from the UT Language Centre. Teaching staff compliance with the language requirements as described above is a condition for the appointment as Examiner. With the influx of new international staff members, the percentage of faculty with Dutch as a native language is decreasing. This is a challenge for the Dutch-language domain profile.