2.6 Enrolment


Admission goals, -policy and -standards, including academic prerequisites, are in line with the mission and programme objectives. They are clearly and publicly stated, specifying any differences for categories of students.

Premaster programme

The premaster programme includes a course on Introduction to Public Administration (5 EC), Academic Writing (5 EC), Statistics (5 EC), and a module in the bachelor’s programme (depending upon the moment of intake). The premaster serves two goals: (1) it is selective in the sense that prospective students are able to explore whether they have entry competences for the master’s programme; (2) prospective students can eliminate possible deficiencies and satisfy the entry requirements of the master’s programme.


Students can enrol in the programme in an academic year at two moments: in September and in February. This allows students who nominally studied the pre-master programme, or students with a slight delay in their bachelor’s programme, to use their time efficiently. The table underneath shows that enrolment, with the exception of 2018 is stable but low. This is a point of attention.