1.5 Connection with UT-Research

In the MS&T programme, grand challenges have a clear technological component and include cybersecurity, migration in a digital world, artificial intelligence, sustainable development, smart cities, digital transformation in Europe and in the Global South, and implementation of technological projects in the public sector (including public health). The topics of the projects in the different modules of the MS&T programme are embedded in these challenges. The programme includes perspectives on globalization and localization of public policy, public management and governance, in a technologically transforming world marked by multiple and conflicting stakeholder interests. Staff from multiple UT groups are teaching in the programme, contributing to the interdisciplinarity of the programme. In line with the University of Twente's Shaping 2030's mission, the MS&T programme presents itself as a ‘people first’ programme, teaching on issues of empowering society and the provision of sustainable solutions, while being committed to the shaping of a fair, sustainable, resilient and digital society.