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Study adviser Biomedical Engineering

Your first contact at the educational programme is the study adviser. Every programme has its own study adviser(s) who knows everything about the educational programme. The study advisers will monitor study progress; will advise and assist students with study related skills like study choices, progress, process, planning and conducting assignments. The study advisers will also help and advice students about their academic skills, studying with personal circumstances and about rules and regulations.  


At the university, you are expected to be self-reliant and to organize many things yourself. Especially when you are just starting your studies you could be having a hard time finding your way around. Sometimes help can be useful or even necessary. In the course of your studies or while preparing for your future career you may encounter issues you can discuss with your study adviser. 


You can make an appointment by using the Planzelf application: https://tnw.planner.utwente.nl.

You can reach us by email via: studyadviser-bmt@utwente.nl. 

Every wednesday we have a walk-in hour from 12.30 - 13.30 hr. You can drop by in one of our offices for short questions without an appointment.


A conversation with your study adviser is usually a good first step. You can go to the study adviser if you have any questions about the study, studying, or about private matters that affect your studies, for example:  


The study adviser will make notes during the meeting with you and enter these in Osiris. You are able to see these notes yourself. The notes are only shared with other study advisers of the programme unless you ask to label the note as strictly confidential. Notes are never shared with someone outside the programme unless you have given permission to do so.  

If you are making a formal request with the Examination Board, the study adviser will be asked for his/her advice. He/she will only share information which you have agreed upon.  

The study adviser may be asked for advice if you have made a request with the Committee Personal Circumstances. He/she will only share information which you have agreed to.  

As a member of the National Association of Study Advisers (LVSA) the study advisers will adhere to their code of conduct.