The TNW programmes offer several opportunities for adding an international dimension to your curriculum.

We believe a stay abroad is a valuable component of the study; therefore stimulating measures like the Twente Mobility Fund (TMF-fund) and the Erasmus-scholarship are available.

When you have decided to go abroad, the next step is to decide what you prefer to do abroad. Keep in mind that it takes 6 to 12 months to make all the necessary arrangements for an internship, assignment or to study in a foreign country; so planning must start as soon as possible.

The study programme should be arranged in close consultation with the study advisor, one of the university teachers, the graduation professor and/or the mobility coordinator.

The approval of the board of examiners should be received before departure!

Possibilities adding an international component to your curriculum by studying abroad:

  • courses at a foreign university
  • minor
  • bachelor or master assignment
  • internship
  • international study tour

To discuss all possibilities and procedures concerning studying abroad, be in time making an appointment with the mobility coordinator of TNW.

Start by submitting your application for “courses” in Mobility Online.

For additional information, you can subscribe to the Blackboard site ‘Study Abroad TNW’ (under organisations).

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