Quality control

The faculty of EEMCS, of which Business & IT is a part, is very attentive to the quality of education. Good education requires committed teachers and students as well as good communication. The core of the internal quality control consists of course evaluations, which are held annually. The text below mentions some of the components of which the quality control consists.

Course Evaluations

As a student, you fill out a questionnaire for most of your courses each quarter, usually immediately after the exam. The results are given to the teacher, who uses them when adapting/improving their course. The results are also put up on a website (Dutch). A summary of each questionnaire is discussed by the programme committee (see below). This committee also sets actions to be taken in case the results of the questionnaires are unsatisfactory.

Education Evaluation Committee (OEC)

A written evaluation, such as a questionnaire, can only provide signals that indicate problems or unwanted situations. It is therefore important that there are also verbal evaluations. The OEC plays an important part in this. This committee is completely made up of students and organises a panel meeting for a number of courses each quarter. In these panel meetings, participating students discuss the strong and weak points of the course with the teacher, led by one of the members of the OEC. At the end of such a meeting, a number of actions to be taken for improvement of the course may be decided upon. For more information about the OEC, see the OEC website (Dutch).

Study Progress Reports

After each semester, a report is compiled on the study progress of the first- and second year students (B1 and B2, respectively). These reports consist of overviews of the average number of obtained ECs during and up-to-and-including the semester and of participation- and pass rates per course/module. These reports, too, are published on the aforementioned website.

EEMCS coordinator of quality control and education development

Hans Romkema, PhD

Room: ZI 1020
Phone: +31 53 489 2774