COVID-related test absence (B-BIT)

By filling out this form, you declare that you were unable to attend one of the test in your Bachelor study programme, for COVID-related reasons. The information will be used by study advisors, programme management, the teachers of the module, and the examination board to decide on granting additional test opportunities. By submitting the form, you agree to this usage.

The form needs to be filled out for each test that you missed, including resits. Though some of the questions are put in the past tense, you can fill in this form before, during or (until a week) after the test.

For information about the COVID resit policy, see the B-BIT Canvas page.

Please enter your name as registered at the university, in the format 'Family Name(s), Given Name(s)

Please enter your 7-digit university number without preceding s)

Please enter the name as it appears in the timetable

Please enter the date as it appears in the timetable

Declaration of veracity
By answering this question you acknowledge that the data in your form can be trusted