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Reports, end presentations & prizes

1. Reports

Details regarding formats of reports and talks/questions are here: to an external site..

2. End presentations (online)

We will not organize a joint end conference this year. The date and time of all BSc presentations should be chosen by the committee + student. We advise everyone to finish on Friday 3 July if there has been no significant delay.  We will open 4 parallel Canvas Conferences for the entire day.

Because we expect many presentations on 3 July, and many committee members to be in several committees, we ask everyone to book one-hour sessions, only in full hours, i.e 9.00-10.00, 10.00-11.00, etc etc. We are currently looking for a practical way to book. Please wait for new communication from or side. If you will have your presentation after 3 July, we may be able to open a Canvas conference, otherwise we can alsoe advise BlueJeansLinks.

One hour means:
15 min presentation
20 min questions
15 min deliberation / assessment
5 min grade announcement
5 min break before next session

As soon as more is clear, we will post a schedule of the presentations on this page. 

3. Prizes

There will be two prizes, to be awarded with €100,-. One for the best scientific work, and the other for a summary of your work, that can be used for public outreach (open days, website, testimonial etc). Anything goes: short video, pencast, animation, slides with voice over, text (like a classical abstract, with pictures) etc. It must be shorter than 2:00 minutes. This assignment is compulsory. If you want to compete for the prize, you must upload it as an assignment on canvas before Thursday 2 July 23:59 ( Prize winners will be announced via Canvas after 3 July.