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Are you looking for more diversity, a nice challenge, some fun, do you want to distinguish yourself with your resume or do you want to look outside the boundaries of your study? On this site you will find an overview of all extra-curricular activities that you can pursue as a student.


Activism within your own education

Within every programme at Twente University there are opportunities to become active. You could think about a job as board member or member of the committee of the student association, a job as student-assistent or student member of an education committee. For more information, please inform within your own institute.

Activism at Twente University

You could also be active within a study-, sport-, cultural or social club. You could for instance apply for a position as president, secretary, treasurer, in- and external relations, internationalization etc. You can be active for shorter or longer periods. You might organize the next (international) volleyball tournament or you could take up the responsibility of managing the Public Relations of a performance of a theater group. For more information, please contact the university-wide umbrella organization the Student Union, which includes Cultuurkoepel ApolloFact and the Sportraad.


Everything in the field of sports at Twente University; information about 38 different sport clubs, facilities, courses, training sessions and sporting events can be found at the Sportcentrum at the boulevard.

Cultural centre

Everything in the field of performances, cultural courses, expositions, the lending of arts and cultural student associations can be found in the Vrijhof Cultuurcentrum.

Social clubs

Besides the opportunities that can be found at the university, you could of course also become active outside the university. Examples include social clubs like C.S.V. Alpha, DSCC/DJCR Audentis et Virtutis, A.S.V. Taste, and AEGEE-Enschede

Visit for more information on student associations in Enschede.

International ambitions?

You might look for opportunities at AEISEC or the Erasmus Student Network Twente. In addition you could inform within your own educational programme and International Office about any possibilities.

Attending extra courses

If you are registered at an educational institution in the Netherlands, you have the opportunity to attend extra courses. If you want to attend courses within your own programme or at Twente University, please contact the study adviser of your programme. If you are interested in attending extra courses at other educational institutions, please visit

TOP en FAME Arrangement

Every year the university makes available a limited number of temporary entrepreneurial positions (Tijdelijke Ondernemers Plaatsen (TOP)) for starting entrepreneurs with innovative ideas, so as to overcome the first, usually difficult, year of the new enterprise. Are you a student entrepreneur and do you have the intention to further grow your enterprise during and after graduation? Check out the FAME-arrangement.

Honours programme

Are you exceptionally talented, intellectually interested and especially motivated?! Than you are at the right place with the Honours programme! Go to:

Graduation Support

Twente university does much to support student activities, for instance in the form of graduation support. Go to: