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honours programme

If you’re looking for more than the usual academic challenges, you may want to apply to the UT honours programme. The Honours programme is designed for talented, interested and highly motivated students. In almost one and a half year we offer you a 30 EC programme. The programme is for first year students from all faculties. You will enjoy a challenging and nurturing environment, where you receive personal attention from academics with various backgrounds. You will become acquainted with great scientist and train your research skills. You will get to work on an individual project where you write a research proposal within your field of study. More information:

Courses and trainings

Next to your study programme, you can follow several other courses and trainings, provided by the Skills Lab and the TCP Language Centre. Scintilla also provides courses, for more information click here.


If you want to become active while your a student at the University of Twente, you can become a board member or part of a committee at an association at the UT. You could also become a student assistent or a student member of your programme committee. There are also countless other possibilities within study, sports, culture and student associations. You can become active for a short time or for longer if you like. There are many events that you can organise on campus or in the city of Enschede. 
The Student Union is the umbrella of all associations of the UT, with the umbrella organisations Cultuurkoepel ApolloFact and Sportraad. The Sports centre and the Vrijhof Cultuurcentrum also offer a lot of possibilities for your spare time.
Student associations, like C.S.V. Alpha, DSCC/DJCR Audentis et Virtutis, A.S.V. Taste, en AEGEE-Enschede are regulated by Fact.
International associations, like AEISEC and Erasmus Student Network Twente
For more information, contact the International Student Services.