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Being a first-year AM-student you received on Friday, 16 August 2019, by email, a Binding Recommendation (BSA). This advice will be positive or negative. If you think you received an unjustified intention to a negative BSA, you can send a request for a hearing at the AM programme board within 5 workdays following the date of this email, that is 23 August 2019. You can send your request to Dr. J. W. Polderman, 

The hearing will take place on Wednesday, 28 August between 15:00 - 17:00. At the latest on Thursday, 29 August - the programme board will inform you by email about the decision. You will then receive the final BSA. This can be a final negative BSA or a postponed BSA.

In case of personal circumstances, you ought to inform your study advisor and submit your assessment application before 30 June. Please keep in mind, you must have had a meeting with the study advisor before 30th of June.

See the webpage of Student Services for more information. (link: