Regulations, procedures and documents


Being a first-year AM-student you have received on Tuesday, 14 August 2018, by email, a Binding Study Advice (BSA). This advice will be positive or negative. If you think you received an unjustified intention to a negative BSA, you can send a request for a hearing at the AM programme board within 5 workdays following the date of this email. You can send your request to Mrs. Y (Yael) Veenstra-Konzizky. 

The hearing will take place on Wednesday, 29 August at 15:00 - 17:00. At the latest on Thursday, 30 August - the programme board will inform you by email about the decision. You will then receive the final BSA. This can be a final negative BSA or a postponed BSA.

In case of personal circumstances, you ought to inform your study advisor and submit your assessment application before 30 June. Please keep in mind, you must have a meeting with the study advisor before 30th of June.

See the webpage of Student Services for more information. (link: