All modules are assessed by an exam. This exam can consist of a number of tests, this varies by module. The way in which the tests lead to the exam result is laid down in a test plan for each module and is published at least two weeks before the start of the module on the Blackboard page. In the module’s timetable can be found where and when the tests will take place.Any changes, for example test data, will be made available on the module’s Blackboard page.

General rules

  1. By registering for a module the student is automatically also registered for the regular tests which are part of this module’s exam.
  2. Changes to the test plan are only possible in consultation with the module coordinator and following advice from the Examination Board. Students are informed immediately of the relevant change.
  3. The student has the right to take note of recent model test questions or trial examinations or representative previous tests and the solutions model and the standard for assessment.
  4. The test result of both a test and a module will be made known to the student within 10 working days after the examination. Should an examiner not be able to meet the deadline due to special circumstances, he or she will report this with reasons to the Examination Board.
  5. If a second test opportunity is planned shortly after the first, the results of the first test will be published at a time that provides the student with at least 5 working days to prepare for the second opportunity.

A complete overview of all rules concerning assessment can be found in the Education and Examination Regulations (EER), Article 4 – Education and Examination.