Minor BSc AM

Minor Abroad

Here you can find more information about doing a minor abroad, which is sometimes also called an "exchange minor", however you can go abroad during your studies without having to arrange an exchange. Belowyou can find more information abouta minor abroad.


Students of the BSc Applied Mathematics who want to do a minor abroad (also called "exchange minor") should be aware of the following requirements:

  • Discuss with the Coordinator Internationalisation (CI) the university you prefer to visit.
  • Together with the CI compose a concept minor programme. The minor must meet the following requirements: coherent and contribute to academic development. The minor programme adds up to (at least) 15 or 30 EC.
  • The programme must be approved by the Examination Board. Please use the form ‘Requestform Exchange Minor’ for your application.
  • Every student doing a minor abroad is assigned a mentor of AM. At least once every quartile you should have e-mail contact with your mentor. You are expected to take the initiative for this contact. This contact involves the progress, the courses, the on-site support and other matters that may be relevant to the success of the minor programme.
  • Sometimes the planned programme cannot successfully be completed in its entirety for whatever reason. In this case you are required to contact your mentor and the CI to explore alternatives. The mentor or the CI also discusses this with the Examination Board. Please note: in case you do not complete one or more courses in your approved minor programme without approval of your mentor, your minor will not be legitimate.
  • Before returning, ask for an authenticated certificate from the host university.
  • Upon return, you report the results to your mentor and the CI.
  • Write a report that describes: the curriculum, the host university, the department and the faculty and students of the host university. Practical matters such as housing, travel, visas and the like get a place in this report too.
  • Have your report signed for approval by your mentor and the CI (in case you have been abroad).
  • After approval hand in your report at the Office for Educational Affairs (BOZ), together with the authenticated certificate.
  • The results are entered by the Office for Educational Affairs in the system OSIRIS.
  • Grades obtained abroad will be entered in OSIRIS as V (sufficient) or O (insufficient).

Requestform Exchange Minor