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The Bachelor's assignment

In the bachelor's assignment, the final project of the bachelor’s programme, theory and skills acquired during your studies meet. The goal of the assignment is to comprehend and solve a complex technological or societal problem on a bachelor’s level. A research plan is drafted for the problem for which in turn a mathematical model is formulated. The model will be analysed with special attention to the implementation, verification and application of the model. The results are presented both in an (oral) presentation as well as a written report, where also people from outside the field should get an understanding of the problem and the work done on it.

After the bachelor's assignment the student can:

  • formulate an assignment and a matching research plan
  • find relevant literature and read and use this
  • apply the knowledge gained in the study of mathematics
  • relate mathematical results
  • convert mathematical solutions back to the original problem
  • indicate both the importance and the weaknesses of a mathematical analysis for a societal problem.
  • write a report in the form of an academic paper.
  • give a presentation about the assignment to classmates in the same phase of their studies