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Third Year Applied Mathematics

Applied Mathematics (AM) is a three year bachelor programme. Each year is divided into four quarters, each consisting of ten weeks. The academic calendar details the holidays taken into account. Each quarter consists of 15 European Credits (EC). The curriculum has a total of 180 EC, meaning students are expected to earn 60 EC per year. Each year consists of four modules, each with their own theme within the programme. During the first semester of the third year, you as a student have the opportunity to follow a minor of your own choice.

Module 9 & 10: Minor

In the first semester of the third year of the Bachelor's programme Applied Mathematics, you can choose a minor.

Module 11: Bachelor's Assignment & Electives

The last semester of the programme contains the Reflection on Mathematical Research, Bachelor’s Assignment, and Electives. Reflection on Mathematical Research II is the preparation of the actual Bachelor’s Assignment. In Module 11 (Osiris), students follow the course Reflection on Mathematical Research I and two electives from the following list:

Moreover, the student's will choose a subject for their Bachelor's Assignment and start with the literature research of their assignment.

Module 12: Finalising Thesis - Bachelor's Assignment

In the last module (Osiris) of the Bachelor Applied Mathematics, students will focus on their Bachelor's Assignment. Moreover, this module consists of two courses:

  • Reflection on Mathematical Research II
  • Complex Function Theory