The academic programme and starting dates

The double degree programme consists of four semesters. There are different profiles with regards to the four semesters. Students who want to apply for the Double Degree are advised to choose the INN&ENT profile since this is closely linked to the program in Berlin.

Below, as an example, you can find the programme for a student who started in September 2014 with the master profile BA- INN&ENT.

Term 1 (September-January) 30 EC Twente

Term 2 (February-July) 30 EC Berlin

Quartile 1

(a) Accounting & Financial Management (5 EC)
(b) Managing Change & Human Resources (5 EC)
(c) Elective (5 EC): Business Development in Network Perspective

Quartile 2
(d) Global Strategy & Marketing (5 EC)
(e) Management of Organisation, Operations and Technological Innovation (5 ec)
(f) Elective (5 EC): Principles of Entrepreneurship

To make your own choice in elective courses see the full program MSc BA

(a) Strategic Innovation Management (6 EC)
(b) Entrepreneurship Research (6 EC)
(c) Technology Management (6 EC) (or) Strategy Simulation Game (6 EC)
(d) Regulating Innovations (6 EC) (or) Innovation Policy (6 EC)
(e) Group Project (6 EC)

Term 3 (September-January) 30 EC Berlin

Term 4 (February-July) 30 EC Twente

(a) Human Side of Innovation (6 EC)
(b) Innovation Marketing (6 EC)
(c) Strategic Management, Knowledge-based Organization and Organizational Change (3 EC)
(d) Innovation Economics (6 EC)
(e) Business Research Methods (3 EC)
(f) IP Management (6 EC) (or) Strategic Standardization (6 EC)

Masterclass (5 EC) and Final Thesis Assignment with joint supervision (25 EC)

Students can start the double degree programme in Twente both in September and in February. Students of other UT MSc BA profiles are also eligible for the double degree program. Students of the MSc Industrial Engineering & Management are eligible when they have chosen the Technology Venturing and Innovation Management as extra elective.

For more information about the semesters in Berlin, check:

Master thesis

The double degree programme consists of 120 EC in total. 90 EC are obtained from courses and projects, whereas 30 EC is to be obtained by completing the master thesis (5 EC preparatory master class and 25 EC thesis). The thesis is jointly supervised by the UT and TUB. The thesis work can be carried out in any location.