The academic programme 

The double degree programme consists of four semesters. The semesters consist of mandatory and elective courses. As an example, you can find a programme for a student that starts in September below.

Semester 1: September - January (Quartile 1 and 2) at UT

  • Entrepreneurial Leadership & Responsible Organizational Design (5 EC)
  • Strategic Technology Management & Innovation (5 EC)*
  • Entrepreneurial Finance (5 EC)*
  • Business Valuation & Corporate Governance
  • Business Development in a Network Perspective (5 EC)*
  • Supply Chain Management & Innovation (5 EC)*

Semester 2: Summer (April - July) at TU Berlin

  • Strategic Management and Organizational Change (6 EC)
  • Venture Campus (12 EC)
  • Innovation Economics (6 EC)
  • Sustainable Innovation (6 EC)*

Semester 3: Winter (October - February) at TU Berlin

  • Entrepreneurship Research (6 EC)
  • Technology Management (12 EC)*
  • Life Science Venturing (6 EC)*
  • Multinational corporations and corporate control (6 EC)*

Semester 4: February - July (formally) at UT

  • Master class Business Administration (5 EC)
  • Master thesis (25 EC) 

 * Elective course. More information about the elective courses at the UT can be found here and the TU Berlin here.

Master thesis

The double degree programme consists of 120 EC in total. 90 EC are obtained from courses and projects, whereas 30 EC is to be obtained by completing the master thesis (5 EC preparatory master class and 25 EC thesis). The UT and TU Berlin jointly supervise the master thesis. The thesis work can be carried out in any location.