1. The semesters at UT and TUB have different start and ending dates. Will this cause problems for my exams?

The academic calendars of the UT and the TUB differ somewhat. Therefore, the semesters might show some overlap. However, individual arrangements regarding the exams can be made to resolve this.

2. I study a different BA-master track (i.e. FM, HRM, SM, INT, INF); can I opt for the double degree programme as well?

Yes. However, different profiles apply. For more information, regarding your specific programme, contact: Dr. M.L. Ehrenhard.

3. I am an IE&M-master student and I would like to study at TUB for one semester, is this possible?

Yes it is possible to go as an Erasmus student. However, you should discuss this individually with your study advisor.

4. Where can I find more information about the courses of the double degree programme?

Course information for the UT-courses can be found at:


5. I am an international applicant and would like to apply for the double degree, how do I apply?

International students and/or students who do not have a Bachelor in Business Administration are advised to apply at the TUB and start their studies in October (due to the entry requirements for the UT MSc BA programme and VISA related issues; besides, Dutch universities do not receive government funding for non-EU students. Therefore, non-EU students need to pay higher fees for the UT part of the programme). For more information on starting at the TUB, see: