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Announcement: resits in 2015-2016 of courses last existing in IBA curriculum 2014-2015

Educational Announcement IBA

Publiceren vanaf zsm t\m 1 juli 2016

Subject: resits of 2nd and 3rd year courses for students started IBA in or before 2012

Dear IBA students (started in 2012 or before)

For the courses last taught in 2014-2015 the last two resits organised will be scheduled in exam weeks of Q1 + Q3. These are the last opportunities to pass those courses. The resits are only for those students who participated seriously in the courses last year(s) (see the transitionrules: ). Registration for exams need to be done in OSIRIS according to the standard registration procedure.

The courses for which resits are scheduled are:

IBA 3rd year 3rd quartile: resits in exam weeks Q1 and Q3

201200011 Business Ethics & Corporate Governance

201200012 International Business Development

201200013 Innovation and Change Management

BK 2nd year : resits in Q1 and Q3

191880801 International Business resit in 2nd week of Q3!

194119030 Methodology and Research design

IBA 2nd year : oral exams in Q1 and Q2

201100033 Managing People in a Global Context

For this course the very final opportunities are oral Exams in Q1 and Q2 of the academic year 2015-2016. For more information see the Blackboard side of this course from 2014-2015.

The exam of Q1 will be held on Tuesday the 27th of October 2015.  You have to sign-up via the Sign-up lists in blackboard. Choose from the list the time that suits you (if still available). Please note: Deadline for registration is the Monday the 28th of September 2015 23:59!

IBA 2nd year: IBA students who didn’t pass the course 194119160 Data Analysis have to replace it by the premaster course Inferential Statistics (201300064)

The IBA BSc Thesis 201200015 still exist. The BSc Thesis project can be participated in in Q4 of 2015-2016 or Q1 of 2016-2017. For all students participating in calendar year 2016 in the BSc Thesis the start of the Bachelor thesis is in the second week of Q3. More information will be published January 2016 via Blackboard of the course!! The BSc thesis is a full time project. No other courses can be done in parallel.

Students who have other (not above mentioned) unfinished and no longer existing courses in their programme need to contact their study-advisor to plan how to finish their IBA studies.