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Matching Survey IBA

We appreciate your interest in our BSc programme International Business Administration (IBA) and look forward to meet you in our programme or before that in our matchings and\or information activities.

It is important you choose the bachelor programme that matches best with your expectations in order to have a study career with the best chance for study success.

We offer matching activities with the aim to support you to perceive a clear picture of what the programme is all about and to offer you our advice about the suitability of the programme for you.

The matching starts with filling out this form.

A few weeks (± 3) after receiving your form with answers we will send you our advice. In case you indicated your interest in a meeting with our IBA programme director you will receive an invitation for one of the meetings in February or April. In this case you will receive our advice after the meeting.

Besides filling out this form, we strongly suggest that you join an individual orientation day: .

We expect that these options for matching will help you to make the best choice. If you have any further questions you can visit our website:


- All questions in this form concern the BSc programme International Business Administration (IBA). In case you enrolled for more than one bachelor, you might therefore have to fill in more than one form.

- Please give honest answers, this is mainly in your own benefit.

- Don’t think about the questions for too long, but write down the answer that first pops into your head

- Take the time to fill in this form

- Your answers are never ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, this is not a selection but a chance for you to receive advice about your choice for the BSc programme International Business Administration (IBA).