Business Administration information for current students

Business Administration information for current students

ILO’s MSc BA draft 2015-2016

University/school aim (A)

The University of Twente aims to produce outstanding graduates who excel by combining expertise from a range of fields as they design solutions that meet the demands of the future. A future defined by ambition, innovation and entrepreneurship. The UT alumni are well-rounded individuals with a thorough knowledge of their discipline. They are uniquely capable of taking a smart and relevant approach to applying their expertise. This approach is informed by their keen awareness of the interdependence between technology, the individual and society, this is reflected by the UT slogan ‘High Tech Human Touch’. The core values of the University of Twente (UT) is what makes the UT unique: focused on society, driven by synergy, entrepreneurial, and international. The UT seeks to develop a wide range of personal skills in the three areas of researching, designing and organizing.

The school of Behavioural, Management & Social Sciences (BMS) is embedded in UT’s high tech environment, which provides ample opportunities for smart innovations. BMS graduates are educated on the interface between the technological and the social domain. The research focus is on how technology interacts with people and society. The school of BMS thus brings the human touch in the ‘High Tech Human Touch’. The school has a strong basis of disciplinary knowledge from the behavioural management and social sciences domains and collaborates in multidisciplinary teams in research and education, within and across the school. Where social science researchers at other universities often stop after having described the social challenges and analysed them to provide an explanation of the phenomena at hand, at the University of Twente we take two additional steps:

  1. We seek to design a solution (intervention) that may help to solve the problem identified, and
  2. We seek out how best to implement these interventions, and we evaluate the success or failure of the intervention.

Source: University of Twente Vision 2020/Tech4people

Overall programme aim (B)

The graduate of the MSc Business Administration programme at the University of Twente is an entrepreneurial, academically trained and globally oriented middle(-level) management specialist, competent in independently conducting multidisciplinary research, designing complex innovative business solutions and organizing management and change processes in high tech human touch contexts. He/she is specialised content wise in one or a combination of the HTHT Twente fields: Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Change Management, Innovation and Technology Management, Innovative Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Strategy, Business Information Management, Purchasing and Supply Management.

Programme specific (C)

  1. The UT MSc BA graduate is competent in business research, as he/she is able to deal with research issues based on an analytical and conceptual approach to contribute to the existing body of knowledge and to create new knowledge in HTHT business contexts. The graduate is / has:
    1. able to develop relevant interdisciplinary research questions and formulate problem statements
    2. able to critically reflect on business models and theories to build a clear theoretical framework and fitting research design
    3. able to analyse qualitative and quantitative data and interpret findings related to the research question/problem statement
    4. able to draw and discuss conclusions and to formulate recommendations for future research
  2. The UT MSc BA graduate is competent in business design, as he/she is able to independently apply an iterative design cycle to create/generate innovative/research based solutions to business problems and challenges in HTHT business contexts.
    1. able to relate academic insights/theories to people, business and societal and identify criteria and constraints
    2. able to combine theoretical and practical insights to design and develop solutions/ interventions
    3. able to implement business solutions/ intervene
    4. able to critically evaluate alternative solutions/interventions
  3. The UT MSc BA graduate is competent in organizing, managing and taking a leading role in change processes in global HTHT business contexts, using (inter-) cultural entrepreneurial business skills. The graduate is/has:
    1. able to organize and manage through the use of communication skills, project management skills, and an entrepreneurial attitude;
    2. able to potentially lead and manage change processes, by using consultancy skills; to create added-value for practice out of scientific knowledge.
    3. able to reflect on both the process and the content, also on the ethical aspects, and use this as input for decision making and professional development. Furthermore has organizational and cross-cultural sensitivity: is able to recognize the impact and consequence of decisions and actions within an organization and across cultures.