Information on binding recommendation (BSA) hearings Advanced Technology

This is an announcement about the BSA (binding recommendation regarding continuation of your studies) procedure.

The announcement is relevant to you if you received a negative recommendation (i.e. a notice of exclusion) while you believe that there is no firm evidence for such a recommendation. Within 5 working days after receiving the negative recommendation, you can request a hearing (by e-mail).

*The hearing is an opportunity for individual students to bring forward their objections, sustained by arguments,  against the recommendation.*

The hearing sessions for Advanced Technology will take place mid August. The final recommendation will be issued as soon as possible after the hearing  (so not immediately).

If you  receive a recommendation which is unjust in your opinion, and  you wish to state and defend your case, you must send your request to be heard to Subsequently, write a concise e-mail to the programme director ( in which you indicate the reason for requesting a hearing.