The master’s programme in Applied Mathematics is meant not only for students with a bachelor degree in “Technische Wiskunde” but it is also very much suitable for students with a bachelor degree in other technical disciplines or disciplines like econometrics ,disciplines where one always uses mathematics as a tool to get a better understanding of the related subject matter. With a master AM you can continue this quest and in a much more rigorous way. If, for instance, you are interested in Fluid Mechanics or Optics, the specialisation Mathematical Systems Theory, Applied Analysis and Computational Science (SACS) has a lot to offer: from calculus of variation and dynamical systems to finite element methods and multi-scale computing. Does your interest lie in system theory and optimal control? Then the specialisation SACS is for you. Mathematical analysis and optimization of processes with uncertainties are in the heart of the specialisation Operations Research. Health care sector is one such application area.

If any of these topics interests you, I would strongly advise you to speak to one of the chairmen of our department.. They would work with you to find a suitable specialisation and help you make a list of relevant master courses matching your interests.

You would, of course, need some specific knowledge of mathematics to follow the master programme meaningfully. Some of it may already be part of your bachelor programme. If not, it is always possible to incorporate some of them in to your programme in the form of a “TW-minor”. Furthermore, it is possible to incorporate some of the bachelor level courses in the master’s programme itself.

Actual size of the premaster programme is very much dependent on the background of the student and in particular, on the (mathematics) courses already followed. For the students with a bachelor degree in a technical discipline, the size of the premaster is maximum 30 EC (most of the time it is 15 to 20 EC). The chosen specialization within the master’s programme in Applied Mathematics also has an influence on the premaster courses.

Though a premaster programme is determined for each student separately and may depend on the specialisation one wants to enter.

The following course is needed and/or useful in all the specialisations.

  • Introduction to Mathematical Analysis

Furthermore courses can be added on:

  • Discrete mathematics
  • Probability theory
  • Differential equations