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Course programme AM 2020-2021


The master’s programme is a two-year programme. The master’s programme is divided into three specializations, OR, MDS and SACS. Each student chooses a specialization and – within that specialization – a course programme. The curriculum consists of the following elements and a minimum of 120 EC. 

First year

  • Continuous Optimization (6 EC) and Scientific Computing (6 EC);
  • Pioneers of Applied Mathematics (5 EC);
  • Specialization courses:
    • OR: a minimum of three courses out of a list of eight;
    • MDS: two mandatory courses, and a choice of three out of six;
    • SACS: three core courses are obligatory;
  • At least one of the courses needs to be a national course offered via After you enroll locations etc. will show. The examination rules and prerequisites are also posted on this website;
  • electives so that the total number of EC’s of courses in the first year adds up to at least 60*.

Second year**

course overview

In the following table an overview of the courses is presented (click for larger download/pdf).

  • Mandatory courses for all students in red.
  • Mandatory courses for SACS students in blue.
  • Mandatory courses for OR students in green.
  • Mandatory MDS courses in orange/yellow.
  • Elective courses in light blue (SACS), light orange (DS) and light green (OR).
  • Other possible elective courses (only after permission from chair). Note: these courses are not taught on Monday and migt clash with other courses in the programme:
    • Inverse problems in imaging (mastermath)
    • Algorithms beyond the worst case (mastermath)

*Note. Depending on previous knowledge and the research area of your choice, the contact of your chair can add additional obligatory courses to your programme.
** Note. A combined internship and final project (60 EC), subject to a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 7 external months, is permitted.