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Course Programme Applied Mathematics 2016/2017

Programme requirements:

  • a) Continuous Optimization (6 EC) and Scientific Computing (6 EC)
  • b) Pioneers of Applied Mathematics (5 EC).
  • c) In addition for the OR specialization a minimum of three courses out of a list of six have to be chosen; in addition for the SACS specialization three core courses are obligatory
  • d) a minimum of 12 EC in national courses (offered via; the new schedule can be found on After you enroll locations etc. will show);
  • e) electives so that the total number of EC’s adds up to at least 60*;
  • f) 20 EC 191508209 internship and 40 EC 191508409 final project

*Note. Depending on previous knowledge and the research area of your choice, the contact of your chair can add additional obligatory courses to your programme.

In the following table an overview of the courses is presented:

  • Mandatory courses for all students in red.
  • Mandatory courses for SACS students in blue.
  • Mandatory courses for OR students in green.
  • Elective courses in light blue (SACS) and light green (OR).Other possible elective courses (only after permission from chair):

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  • 201400174 Data Science
  • 201600070/1 Machine learning
  • 201300042 Limits to computing