Programme Applied Analysis and Computational Science (AACS) '14-15

Chairs: Applied Analysis, Mathematics of Computational Science and Multiscale Modeling and Simulation

Programme requirements

Programme description intended for transfer students (students with a bachelor’s degree in Technical Mathematics from one of the 3TU universities) who start the master’s programme in the 2014-2015 academic year.

The course section of the master’s programme will consist of at least:

These programme requirements result in the following (default) course programme:

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The electives are applied physics/technology subjects from Optics, Fluid Dynamics, Biomathematics or other mathematical subjects that may be offered nationally. These subjects are determined in consultation between the student and the respective chair holder. The choice depends on the student’s interests and the topic of the final project (master’s thesis).

It is also possible for the traineeship (20 EC) to be used to delve more deeply into specific subject matter.

Students entering the programme through an alternative route: Students with a bachelor’s degree other than Technical Mathematics from one of the 3TU universities are asked to contact the programme mentor as soon as possible in order to determine a suitable programme that is feasible from the student’s point of view.

A list of possible elective courses are given below. This list is not complete but gives a good indication of what is available.
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