2023-02-02 Prof. dr.ir. Antonio Franchi

02-02-2023 Inaugural Lecture prof. dr.ir. antonio franchi

The Rector Magnificus would like to announce that Prof.dr.ir. Antonio Franchi appointed by the Executive Board of the University of Twente as Professor in Aerial Robotica control at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering Mathematics and Computer Science, will be giving an inaugural lecture in the Prof.ir. M.P. Breedveld Room, Waaier Building, at 16.00 on Thursday 2 February-2023 to mark the occasion of his appointment.

The title of this lecture will be:
not yet known

The Rector Magnificus kindly invites you to attend this event. Before the inaugural lecture coffee and tea will be served in the foyer of the Waaier building. You may offer your congratulations after the lecture.

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