TGS Award

Since 2013 TGS hands out a so-called TGS Award. The objective is to stimulate promising UT Master students to do their PhD at the UT.


Nominees for the TGS award are talented and excellent UT Master’s students who have the ambition to pursue a PhD trajectory at the UT. Eligible students are in the last phase of their Master’s programme (contenders for the 2024 TGS Award obtain their MSc from the UT in the academic year 2023/24).

In the first round, suitable candidates are nominated per Faculty, and one candidate per Faculty is selected by the Faculty Board. The requirements for the pre-selection phase are: 

  1. Filled in a form which includes the CV, MSc and BSc grades.
  2. A research statement was written by the candidate (max. 1000 words), linking the qualities of the candidate and their earlier research to an envisaged research topic.
  3. One or more letters of recommendation from the intended PhD supervisor, and if possible the Master and Bachelor supervisors or other relevant references. The preselection process is facilitated in the Faculties, and the result has to be known by April 1st. Each faculty can nominate 1 candidate for the final round.

The candidates nominated by the Faculty for the second round (max. 5) will compete for a full PhD position of 4 years (i.e. they will NOT receive the TGS bridging grant as used to be). The second round consists of interviews and will be held in May; by that time the candidates are asked to present their research vision to the TGS Jury.  The research statement has to be written by the candidate (i.e. it is not part of a larger project submitted for funding and prepared by academic staff). The presentations and interviews with the candidates are the basis for the TGS Award jury to rank the proposals and choose the winner.

The TGS Award, consisting of a full PhD position of 4 years, is handed out during the Opening of the Academic Year by the Rector Magnificus. In case the winner of the TGS Award will obtain external funding for the PhD project, or for other reasons cannot accept the TGS Award, the Award will be transferred to the next in line.

The TGS Award 2023 is won by Jana Lim. 


Nominees should fulfil the following requirements:

TGS Award Jury

2024 TGS Award jury 

Application form

Application Form TGS Award

* Please note: The TGS Award is only available for current UT Master's students.